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Quuly is a feature-rich ticket-based appointment system that lets students seek remote help quickly. Save students and TAs time.

Important update

Dear Quuly Customers,

After nearly three years and tens of thousands of office hours sessions hosted, we regret to announce that we have shut down the Quuly Cloud platform. This was a difficult decision to make and one we did not take lightly. Rather than explore a sale or liquidation, we wanted to hold to our core values of empowering students and educators to do their best work. To let Quuly live on, we are pleased to announce that we are open sourcing Quuly Cloud to the community later this year while we work with existing customers to ensure continuity of service.

Some logistics: The Quuly Cloud software is suspended as of August 31st, 2022. All Quuly Cloud data will be deleted by October 31st, 2022. We are working with existing customers to operationalize instances of the Quuly cloud software. More information on instances at individual institutions is available below this message.

Thank you for using our service in these ever-changing times. If you have any questions about these changes, please email


The Quuly Team

Institutional login

University of Maryland, Computer Science: if you are affiliated with the UMD CS department, you may log in to the Quuly instance hosted instance here.

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What is Quuly?

Q&A History
Q&A History

Quuly is an advanced appointment & queueing system that makes it easy for students to schedule help sessions with course staff, tutors, and advisors remotely.

Quuly lets teaching assistants and peer tutors respond to student issues faster and more efficiently while promoting fairness and student independence.

Scheduling: students can schedule future help sessions with TAs remotely at a later (coming soon).

TAs and instructors can easily track student questions and identify frequent visitors.

Quuly provides great office hours support regardless of class size. Great tool that is easy to use!
Nelson Padua-Perez
Computer Science Instructor, University of Maryland

How Quuly Works

Quuly lets teaching assistants and peer students focus on helping students succeed.

1.  A student needs help

Students log in to Quuly, select a room, and submit their question to available teaching assistants.

2.  TA notifies student

The student is alerted when a teaching assistant or peer tutor is ready to assist them with optional video conferencing

3.  Feedback

After the interaction is complete, TAs may provide private feedback and add a public FAQ items. Students may re-submit follow up questions

4.   Analytics

Instructors and other educators can use Quuly's historical question data to identify frequent visitors and unearth useful statistics.

Reinvent office hours.

Here's how Quuly boosts your course

Host office hours anywhere

With Quuly, teaching assistants and tutors can manage one on one remote tutoring sessions. Scheduling and future help sessions are coming soon.


Built by teaching assistants

Quuly was started by TAs with over 10 combined semesters of instruction experience.

Students deserve better

We noticed a pattern after helping hundreds of University of Maryland students. Student after student struggled with course organization, fighting to get face time with course staff.
In office hours, teaching assistants missed students waiting for help, had no previous context for students with complex questions, and dealt with absurdly long waiting lines. Getting help became a chore. After hours of frustration students left with unanswered questions. That’s why we started Quuly.


Co-Founder and CEO
Former TA at the University of Maryland


Co-Founder and CTO
Former head TA at the University of Maryland

2500+ students and educators

Continuous improvement

What started off as a humble proof of concept help queue webapp turned into a full suite of tools to organize peer tutoring and office hours for teaching assistants and instructors. Our mission is to reduce friction in courses and large tutoring groups so no student gets left behind.
Any institution listing on this page is solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of Quuly or its products. Please contact us if your institution would like to update its informational listing on this page.
Important Update: The Quuly Cloud service is suspended as of August 31st, 2022  Read the full update here.
Important Update: The Quuly Cloud service is suspended as of August 31st, 2022  Read the full update here.