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Have questions? If you do not find the solution in our documentation or troubleshooting guidesClick here to contact us with a brief description of your question or issue. We will get back to you within 2 business days.


Getting started (for students)

We're glad to have you on board! Follow the "Welcome to Quuly" tutorial upon successful email verification. Please use the invite code provided by course staff to join a space after completing your profile. After enrollment, select a space to create a help session.

Getting started (instructors, TAs, and students)

Follow the "Welcome to Quuly" welcome tutorial to set up your profile. If you have been provided with an invite code you may enter that after completing your profile. If you're new to Quuly, follow the welcome tutorial to create a course or space.

Creating a session (for students)

Students may create session tickets to request help from course staff. After joining a course, head to "Course Inbox" in the left hand rail. You will now be presented with a “Request help” screen. Complete the short questionnaire and ensure that the “Room” dropdown has “Virtual” selected to create a virtual office hours request with Zoom. Click “Add to Zoom” and sign in to Zoom in a new window, then close the new window. Click "Join Queue" to notify available TAs.

You will be notified when a TA is ready to see you. Once your session haas been dequeued and you have been notified, click "Open Zoom Meeting" if you are in a Virtual Room.

Helping students (for TAs)

First, select a room in the inbox action bar (select "Virtual" to host remote office hours with Zoom). Next, go on duty using the toggle next to the dropdown. You should see student requests in the inbox list on the left middle of the screen. Click a student ticket to preview the session request.

If this is your first time using Quuly with Zoom, please click the "Add to Zoom" button next to the "Dequeue" button. Please connect the app to Zoom in the pop up window. Finally, refresh Quuly and click “Dequeue” to help let the student know you are ready to see them. To open the Zoom session, click “Open Zoom Meeting”.

Connecting to Zoom

Adding the Quuly app to Zoom is easy, learn more here.


My enrollment is incorrect (Teaching Assistants & Students)

If you are a teaching assistant enrolled as a student or otherwise need to update your enrollment status, please contact your instructor directly.

Updating enrollments (Instructors)

If a teaching assistant or co-instructor needs an enrollment update, please change the user's enrollment under the Enrollments view. Search for the user and use the dropdown to change their enrollment privileges.

Other issues or questions

We're here to help. If you have a question not documented here you may contact us here.